Curly Maple Platter

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This Maple platter has some exquisite curl (or quilting) that shimmers vertically and almost looks holographic. Along with black spalting lines and sunset orange streaks running inward from the edges. 

This piece was turned once, meaning it was made while semi-wet and allowed to dry and take on an organic light warp. Not reproducible this piece is a handmade one of a kind treasure.

The timber for this piece was reclaimed from the firewood pile at a local mill. For the mill it was too small to be worth their effort, which is understandable but I just cant believe this almost ended up in a fireplace!

I love and prefer to work with highly figured, knotty, weathered, and reclaimed timber. Much of which had been laying in a firewood pile or a field for an unknown amount of time before I came along and repurposed it.

Because of the wood I prefer to work with, natural cracks, voids, and bark inclusions are common place. Sometimes I choose to fill the cracks or voids, if they are structural I stabilize them, and sometimes if they are cosmetic I choose not to as a design aesthetic.

In woodworking the word to describe voids and cracks is "defect." I prefer to think of the defects as making a piece unique, one of a kind, and without a doubt handmade by a person not a machine.

Finished with Pure Raw Linseed oil

Dimensions: Diameter 12.25 inch.   Height 1.25 inch

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