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If you're local I'm now offering knife sharpening as a service. Kitchen knives, pocket knives, or serrated.

I can fix chipped or damaged blades, sharpen dull or blunt blades, or clean up blades that are in good condition but just aren't cutting like they used to. Whatever the case may be I'll put a razor sharp edge back on them.

If given a couple days notice I can almost always get your knives back the same day as received.


$1 Per Blade Inch.

- $5 off of orders of $30 or more

- If you have a large set of knives lets talk, I'm happy to work with you on pricing.


I don't require payment until sharpening is complete and knives are picked up. I accept credit cards, most electronic payment services (Venmo, Paypal, Apple Wallet...) and cash.

Drop off/Pick up:

I'm available 7 days a week and will work with you on drop off and pick up times that work with your schedule.

My shop is located just north of Blackmans Lake in the city of Snohomish.

Delivery Service:

I would like to offer a pickup and delivery service to those who are interested for a reasonable price. I haven't worked out a standard for criteria or cost so if this is something you'd be interested in give me a call and lets talk.


Call, text or email. Calls and texts are quickest.

John Briggs

Phone: 206-407-8884