Black Walnut Bowl

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This Black Walnut bowl has some of the wildest grain pattern and orientation I have come across to date, it almost looks like chocolate flames wrapping the bowl.

I love and prefer to work with highly figured, knotty, weathered, and reclaimed timber. Much of which had been laying in a firewood pile or a field for an unknown amount of time before I came along and repurposed it.

Because of the wood I prefer to work with natural cracks, voids, and bark inclusions are common place. Sometimes I choose to fill the cracks or voids, if they are structural I stabilize them, and sometimes if they are cosmetic I choose not to as design aesthetic.

In woodworking the word to describe voids and cracks is "defect." I prefer to think of the defects as making a piece unique, one of a kind, and without a doubt handmade by a person not a machine.

The timber for this piece was picked up in Oregon by a friend of mine on a road trip. He thought I might be interested and brought me a couple rounds to work with.

This piece is finished with a Pure raw Linseed Oil and Texas Beeswax mix that I make in house. 100% non-toxic and food safe.

Dimensions: Diameter 11 inch.   Height 4.25 inch

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