Foodsafe Pastewax made in-house

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This pastewax is a 100% foodsafe finish that I use on many of my pieces that I know will be used with food or drink.

It is made from Pure Raw Linseed Oil, an oil made from the flax seed, and skincare quality Texas farmed beeswax. I mix the oil and wax and heat them up on the stove, the wax melts and the mix becomes homogeneous. I pour it into a tin and it cools to become a soft wax paste.

This is a great way to maintain the look of your piece. If unused, I would apply this to a bowl maybe once or twice a year. If a piece is starting to look a little dry it's time to apply a little pastewax.

Its very easy to apply, wipe a small amount onto a clean cotton rag and rub it onto the piece of wood, inside and out, top and bottom. Wait a couple minutes and then wipe it off with a new clean cotton rag. Think Karate Kid "wax on, wax off."

This can be used on any piece that has an oil finish. I would not use this on a piece that has a hard cured finish like Waterlox. It wont damage the piece but it is not needed, and will be a bit messy to get off. I state the finishes I use on all my pieces and if you are unsure how your piece was finished, please ask via email, i would be happy to help identify the finish.

Quantity: 3oz per tin